The launch took place on October 22, 2015 and it is a great success. This new feature which enables employment seekers to upload their selfie video resumes is an innovative approach in India and is definitely impacting the recruitment industry.

Hitherto, recruitments followed the conventional procedures of uploading hard copy or soft copy resumes to prospective employers. This is now made redundant by Happy Minds.

A conventional resume, which would run into several pages, would only get a few seconds of attention of the recruiters according to research. It would only serve the purpose of highlighting the qualifications of the candidate. This system was found to be cumbersome both for the candidate preparing the resume and those who have to read it.

Happy Minds:  

Happy Minds is a staffing firm based in Hyderabad. It provides staffing solutions ranging from permanent staffing to contract staffing to flexi staffing. With a motto to create happiness at work, they believe in innovatives methods to create value.