A new Creator Ci40 developer board has been introduced this week by Imagination Technologies that has been designed to assist in the building of the Internet of Things based projects such as smart home products, wearable technologies, or other handheld internet-connected devices.

The Creator Ci40 microcomputer builds on the technology used in the original Creator Ci20 development board which is now available to purchase priced at £50 or $65 and offers a fully featured Android and Linux development platform.
2bMore details about the latest addition to the range in the form of the Creator Ci40 are expected to be announced very soon and CEO at MIPS Processors explains more :

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my sneak peek of what’s been going on behind the scenes at Imagination. We’re extremely excited about the new Creator, and we can’t wait to tell you what we’re working on next. Powered by the most innovative CPU architecture any SoC designer could wish for, Creator Ci40 packs some leading specifications, including the same MIPS MT multithreading technology used by Mobileye inside the recently announced EyeQ4 ADAS chip.”

As soon as more information is made available regards pricing worldwide availability we will keep you updated as always.

Original source: http://blog.imgtec.com/mips-processors/a-new-creator-is-coming-soon