Firm broadens product offerings line-up with 3 new funds

Hong Kong – /September 7, 2015/ – V.T. Robinsons has announced today the launch of three new mutual funds as part of its line-up of products: the Global Equity Benefit Fund, the Emerging Markets Equity Benefit Fund and the Regulated Equity Volatility Fund.

The Global Equity Benefit Fund and the Emerging Markets Equity Benefit Fund were conceived to provide clients with vital exposure to global or emerging market equities that offer a continuous performance pattern across multiple market cycles. The funds aim to identify businesses that hold enticing risk vs. reward features, while evading inadvertent exposures from strategic positions such as sector or market capitalizations.

“By adopting active risk via bottom-up stock selection as well as diversification, our new funds aim to overcome prejudices and provide our investors with a stable flow of returns,” said Qi Lei-Sun, Chief Investment Officer at V.T. Robinsons.

The Regulated Equity Volatility Fund was created to achieve appealing risk-adjusted returns while mitigating fluctuations in one’s investment portfolio.  The fund aims to accomplish its goal by applying a systematic investment procedure with the purpose of uncovering quality businesses that show sustainable operating performance. Each business is reviewed on a daily basis employing a multi-determinant strategy in accordance with the V.T. Robinsons ranking system developed by its team of market specialists.

“Employing a dynamic and systematic procedure driven by essential inputs, the Regulated Equity Volatility Fund aims to keep up with ascending markets while providing a bulwark in the case of declining markets,” added Mr. Lei-Sun

V.T. Robinsons was founded as a response to increasing investor requests for developed multi-asset diversified portfolios and strategies, as well as the growing number of opportunities within overlooked emerging markets. Just as then, our purpose is to offer investors new ways of thinking and stimulating opportunities.

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