Virtual Reality might have just gotten a little bit weirder; or a bit more sophisticated, depending on your opinion. Neurotech company MindMaze is growing out of its medical industry origins and stepping into the gaming business.

At GDC 2015, it just revealed what could be the evolution of VR platforms, even while VR platforms are still at a growing phase. MindLeap, as it is called, may look like a regular head-mounted display, but you won’t need controllers or even gloves to use it.

MindLeap’s first demos are crude and nothing exactly groundbreaking, but they set the stage for things that are to come. In one example, the system interpreted relaxation and tension as offense and defense in a brain-controlled tug of war like game. While it did give your hands a break, your facial muscles would surely have a workout. MindMaze will be making an SDK available within the next six month to help let developers’ creative juices flow.

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