Samsung have been attempting to get their new Tizen OS off the ground for the past few months, and while a number of carriers have renounced the partnership it seems that Tizen now has a new set of partners.

The Tizen Association has announced that they now have 15 new partners, which include one mobile partner that previously pulled out, which is US carrier Sprint.

“Tizen allows vendors and operators the freedom and flexibility to decide what type of service is best provided to the end-users,” said Ryoichi Sugimura, a Tizen Association Board Member from NTT DOCOMO. “We are gaining support from all segments of the connected device ecosystem, as more organizations realize the opportunity in providing smart phones and connected devices globally from the high-end to the low-end of the market. The convergence of knowledge will make Tizen a catalyst for providing more innovation not just in smart phones – every vendor and operator will have the ability to provide a huge variety of customizable services to their customer.”

The 15 new partners for Tizen include Sprint, ZTE, Softbank Mobile, Baidu and more, you can find out more details over at the Tizen Association at the link below.

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